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Something Wicked, This Way Comes by X3LKI Something Wicked, This Way Comes by X3LKI
Well after a few hours...I finally finished Mana's profile~ Though I had to leave out a few things cause not everything would fit on here...Also I have a bit of extra info which can be found bellow. Ooor just in case you can't read the text ^^;

Mana McOuthe
Age: 16 Created by a Mad Scientist

Killer Style: I like to wear clothes that I feel comfortable in and that are easy to move around in. Also I enjoy jewelry or stuff with sharp teeth on it. I think they look cool~

Freaky Flaw: Try bumping into someone when you have a mouth with sharp teeth on your stomach. It's not a very good first impression I can tell you that. Once I bumped into a guy a had a crush on, and he ran away screaming. At first I thought it was because of me, but then I found a piece of ripped clothing from his pants on my other mouth.

Favorite Color: Pink. I'm not really a girly girl or anything but I do love the color. My hair was actually blond before I dyed it pink. Now you know why it's that color.

Favorite Food: Cheese Fries. Best. Invention. From. Normies. EVER. Combining cheese, meat, and potatoes? Genius!

Biggest Pet Peeve: People complaining about looking at my other mouth. Look, I've seen a lot worse at this school, but do I complain? No. Also, I don't where middrifs because I want to and i'm sorry if my mouth on my stomach 'appalls' you, but if I don't it would just eat through my shirt. So deal with it.

Favorite Activity: When I'm not at school, I'm usually skating around the Maul. Hopefully one day I can get on a Roller Maze team~

Favorite School Subjet: Mad Science. I may not be proud of the man who made me, but I still enjoy science...Being an science experiment myself.

Least Favorite: Home Ick. I'd try to make something, place it in my lap for FIVE MINUTES, and look down to see it torn to shreds. Thanks a lot mouth. Love you too.

(Little Extra Back Story): 16 years ago, a lonely scientist wanted to make a daughter for himself to love. His cloning experiment was finally ready to go. But something went wrong. The child turned out to be a freakish demon. Pointed devil ears and a disgusting mouth on it's stomach. Horrified by what he had made he left the child on the other side of town to die. Thankfully she was found by a loving monster family, who raised her. 15 years later she decided that her adopted family did enough for her, and that she would go off to live on her own. Mana, found a job, a decent appartment, and a nice school: Monster High. Even though things go fine for her, her past still haunts her.


Skullete Maker (c) *LadydragonQueen
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Mana McOuthe (c) ~X3LKI
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